A  story about love and disease and loss.

Contains graphics and has a screen reader mode for use with text to speech software.

Written in Inform 7 for 2022 ParserComp. Play time about one hour.

Content warning: This game is about dementia.

Cover art and banner photographs taken by and used with permission from Tom Beach.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorAmanda Walker
GenreInteractive Fiction, Puzzle
Tagsascii, dementia, Exploration, inform-7, parser-comp, riddles, Text based


Of Their Shadows Deep.gblorb 1 MB
Shadows Deep Walkthrough.html

Install instructions

You can play online in the window above, or you can download it from the download link below. You will need an interpreter like Spatterlight for mac or WinGlulxe for PC to play the file.

There is also a full walkthrough for download below.


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so glad i found this. i came across Ghost Guessed and have been binge reading your stories all night. thank you!

Thanks so much for playing and appreciating my games!

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What a beautiful game! The ending literally made me cry. Thank you for gifting us with such a sweet and poignant story. Wishing you the best! <3


Thanks so much for this lovely comment. I'm so glad the game touched you. Wishing you all the best as well!

I was planning to privately contact with Amanda to tell her: "hey, Amanda, perhaps its good in a game to implement examine the main things", as I couldn't examine anything.

Then I thought, hey, perhaps I'm a ghost or something...

Finally I remember that the abbreviation for the examine command in English is "x" and not "ex" as in Spanish X.X

Starting to play but nice athmosphere... :)

I'm so glad you figured it out! I put so much effort into implementing every object that I'd be sorry to have folks miss it.

Thanks for playing it!