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Parser-based Petite Mort entry for EctoComp 2021. Based on two poems by Emily Dickinson: "I felt a Funeral, in my Brain" and "Because I could not stop for Death." Written in Inform 7. The original entry is "Your Death in Two Acts", and the post Comp release (what I actually wanted to do but ran out of time) is "Your Death in Four Acts.

About 5 minutes playtime.


Your Death, in two acts.gblorb 627 kB
Your Death, in four acts.gblorb 820 kB


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Congrats on getting the post-comp release out so quickly! It's a good example to me.


I had help! There are so many people willing to play test things that I had it ready to go in short order. I'd love to run through yours for your postComp versions if you like.  Just DM 'em over to me and I'll run through them.